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I recently had a client call about a proposal sent.

We chatted about the scope of work, the 5 figure investment, and some problems I had with the project.

The client is just starting out and we needed to put a fence around the offers we were thinking about doing. He has a low, mid, and high.

I did not want the projects to bleed into each other and as the copywriter/funnel maker, I did not have clarity on the offer. And if I don’t have the clarity you betcha bottom Dolla the prospect will not have it.

You see he did not see problems because for the past two years he has been spending money on information. He could tell me about what so and so said and what so and so the made-up scientists’ formula can do.

But he was not able to see that his offers were a bloody mess.

Sometimes I feel like a shark when there is a bloody offer in the water. I can sniff it out miles away.

Here’s a dirty little secret if your offer is not right. Traffic will not fix it. An email sequence will not fix it. Even a sign that says for FREE will not fix it.

Off my offer box for now.

We chatted about my concerns and possible ideas for the offers. Then the dude was off his rocker with excitement. I guess I wowed him with my Patao-e-wowie skills.

Wowness of the call got the client so excited he said let me figure this out and let me email what’s in my head and notes. About 15 minutes later.

I was impressed. A sneak peek of what I saw looked marvelous. The top offer is worth 210k plus royalties. For him, not me.

So what’s the difference between what I did compared to the two years of buying information products. Well spending money on information is not the same as spending money on implementation.

It’s kind of like buying the winning numbers for the lotto and never buying the ticket.

It’s kind of like buying your kids into college because you did not have them study for the test

Knowing the answer and having money is not like winning the lotto or passing a test

Let me give you the three things that happened and what you can do to make you some dough.

The first thing I provided some ideation to the bloody offer. Second I gave the client some inspiration on the way forward. And third, we are letting loose liger out the cage with some implementation.

If your a service provider or course creator it really is that simple.

Stop buying information and let the liger out.

My motto is if I really feel some fomo for a course, I ask myself can I hire someone to partner with me on this to accelerate the learning and getting the work done.

Time is finite. Maybe we can chat about that sometime later.

Peace Pa-tao!


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