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Wendi Schenkel gave me a Million Dollar idea plus clarity faster than a New York minute. Wendi spent a few minutes focusing on my business… I can only imagine what she can do in an hour with her CEO and C-Level clients.

The tremendous value with her focusing on my business. The feedback I got from her followed up by some action by me resulted in a potential client worth 10k in a day.

And a bonus of that session, I was able to refine my brand message to help repel businesses that are not ideal for me yet. Priceless!

I was struggling before that Million Dollar Moment at a business event. It was the first day and my pitch to potential clients was not really landing.

What pitch?

You know the Pitch… It’s the thing you say right after when you exchange pleasantries then they ask the infamous question, “What do you do?”

It’s the crucial moment when a person decides maybe I should get to know this person more.

There are a bunch of templates on how to answer that question.

In Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method Certified Professional Program I learned his highly effective “XYZ” Formula. I talked to a few of my buddies in a Mastermind I am in and they gave me some Donald Miller Story Brand help.

The advice is great and templates are wonderful, but the game-changer for me was suiting up, speaking it, and failing out in public.

My initial offer has changed lately in my business and nothing beats the market research of testing an offer at live events. My sole purpose to go to the event was to be on the field of play.

And sometimes failure is the biggest learning accelerator.

My goals were to refine my messaging, get some actionable inspiration for my business, and get feedback from the market on offer.

So, on the second day of refining and testing how I present my offer, I run into Wendi.

And I got coached by a master

My thought on meeting Wendi is when you meet the right person, with the right questions, they will bring out the right answers

And she is a practitioner great at playing at a high level in an instant she up my game.

Out of curiosity, what are you good at?

I ask because what you do may be common to you but uncommon to others. For example here are somethings I am good at:

-When it comes to your e-mail list I can segment it and come up with offers that convert

-Doing research that matters to your bottom line – I uncover the voice of your customer to sell to them precisely

-I create lead generating funnels that swell up your list

-When you hire me to write your copy I will capture your voice… so much that I can e-mail your wife or husband and they would not know it was me

and much much more

Some of the questions she asked me made me understand that my common is extraordinary. And the funny thing is I do that all the time for clients, but sometimes it’s hard to the label when you’re in chipotle mango jelly jar.

After the brief moments of conversation, I took action and brought my new found clarity on the wording of my offer to people. ( Here is a secret that will make you a lot of money do business and test offers on people. ) You’re welcome : )

And the feedback was marvelous. Not only from my willing pitching prospects, but

I figured out a way to the segment and lead people toward different outcomes during conversations. What?!?!

Do YOU only think segmentation happens in software only? Well Just like the famous philosopher Snoop Dogg eloquently stated “Man I do this SHHHH like every day”

To pay the generous act Wendi gave me below is a link to book call with yours truly.

Have a question about your sales process…click the link

Need more leads or sales…click the link

Have an offer that is not converting…click the link



P.S. I am intentionally giving you my contact link I use to track traffic from Ray Edwards’s website where you can see my shiny head.


Because I think it’s cool I am on his website as a certified copywriter